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State Budget Update

When Governor DeWine signed the state budget into law, he issued a series of line-item vetoes including vetoing the setting of Medicaid reimbursement rates in statute, which includes a dental fee increase. His rationale is that:

“Establishing rates in statute restricts the ability of the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, and Ohio Department of Aging to appropriately manage the policies and costs of the Medicaid program in a way that benefits Ohio consumers and complies with federal regulations. Therefore, the veto of this item is in the public interest.”

Historically, with the exception of Nursing Facilities, Medicaid rates aren’t held in statute and as such, are commonly vetoed, but still implemented. In this specific case, while the Governor vetoed the language for Medicaid rate increases, keeping them out of statute, he did not veto the appropriations for the fee increases. The dental increase appropriated in the Medicaid budget is $103,744,375 in 2024, and to $207,588,751 in 2025—which represents reimbursement closer to commercial rates. Oral health stakeholders have been assured that the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) is supportive of the proposed dental Medicaid reimbursement increases and will work to implement them.

Oral Health Ohio, in partnership with other oral health stakeholders, will work with ODM as it implements the dental Medicaid reimbursement increases though the rulemaking process. We will keep you informed of progress as the rule making process moves forward.

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