What We Do

Advocate and Educate to Improve the Oral Health of Ohio’s Children and their Families.

  • MORE ACCESS to oral health care
  • A RENEWED PERPSECTIVE of how oral health affects overall health and our communities’ prosperity

Our work’s impact means greater knowledge to create:

We work to educate policymakers about oral health issues while advocating for better access to oral health care. Our education efforts include topics such as:

  • Oral health education standards for k-12

  • Monitor state and federal regulation

  • Preserve the adult dental benefit under the Medicaid Program

  • Dental benefits within the Medicare Program


Advocating for better access to oral health care in Ohio means helping to obtain adequate oral health funding for our state's progress. Some of our main advocacy objectives include:


  • Increasing Medicaid reimbursement rates

  • Collaborating to maintain funding for oral health for children and adults

  • Maintaining programs that provide varnish, sealants


Improving oral health literacy means making sure Ohioans know the importance of the relationship between oral health and general, overall health care. To do this, we work to:


  • Engage non-oral health professionals about oral health

  • Support community-based campaigns to promote oral health and overall health (i.e., Rethink Your Drink – Choose Water campaign, nutrition campaigns, tobacco cessation campaigns, etc.)

  • Encourage oral health education and screenings in schools

  • Increase collaboration between oral health and healthcare providers

  • Increase oral health literacy of healthcare providers


Providing educational resources and informing of up-to-date news postings to a wide variety of audiences helps to ensure that professionals in a variety of disciplines have access to the oral health training and information they need to make informed decisions. link

Strategic Plan


Ohio policy makers make informed oral health policy decisions.


Ohioans know the relationship between oral health and general health and the importance of oral health care. 



Adequate public funding for oral health in Ohio including Medicaid reimbursement, public and private insurance, and other funding sources


Professionals in a variety of disciplines have access to oral health training and resources.