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Success Story: Developing Educational Material to Attach to Failed Dental Exams

Understanding barriers to care for children in Head Start programs

OHO has partnered with the Ohio Head Start Association, Inc., in a statewide survey to understand the barriers families face in receiving follow-up care for children with failed dental exams. Data from the survey is being evaluated.

In addition to the survey, OHO and Alta Head Start in Youngstown, OH developed a flier on the importance of primary (baby) teeth to attach to failed dental exams that go home to caregivers. The staff at Alta Head Start thought the flier could be a visual asset so that caregivers can see what tooth decay is and looks like. The Ohio Head Start Association, Inc. made the decision to scale the use of the flier to all statewide Head Start programs as a result of the success of using the flier at Alta Head Start.

From Lori Stellmar, Health and Nutrition Manager at Alta Head Start on the success of the fliers:

Last year we struggled with failed dentals. This year we have seen a difference because of the flier. With our first round of dentals we had 40 individuals identified. We know the flier has made a difference because when we receive feedback from the dentist with our initial findings our flier is still attached with notes from the dentist. I am confident that the number of children with failed dentals that require treatment will only continue to rise. For each round of dentals, we will continue to work with our Family Advocates to assist parents in seeking dental help.


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