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Our Role


Access to good oral health can be thought of like a series of doors. Some people have the keys they need to unlock every door, while others are missing one or more keys. 

We are working to unlock the doors to good oral health. If people don’t have all the keys, it doesn’t matter how hard they push—if they can’t unlock the door, they can’t achieve good oral health. Oral Health Ohio advocates for programs and policies that give all Ohioans the keys they need to unlock the doors to good oral health.



The relationship between oral health and overall health is not understood.



Healthier mouths mean healthier people. And healthier people means stronger communities.

Oral Health Ohio


Engage non-oral health professionals in the relationship between oral and overall health.

I don’t have insurance coverage for dental care.

People have access to affordable dental insurance.


People understand the benefits they have.

Advocate to maintain the adult dental benefit under the Medicaid program.


Collaborate with stakeholders to educate beneficiaries of the dental benefits provided under the Medicaid program.

I don’t understand what my dental care provider is telling me.

Providers of all types receive cultural competency and health literacy training.

Train dentists, hygienists, school nurses, public health workers, and nursing home staff in health literacy.


Provide oral health training and resources to professionals in a variety of disciplines.

I do not live near a dentist office.

Oral health services are offered at sites throughout the community.

Support school-based oral health services. 


Advocate for the Mobile Dental Facilities legislation.

Daily oral hygiene is often a neglected part of nursing home care.

Nursing home staff are trained in oral hygiene practices.

Collaborate with partners to provide oral health training to nursing home staff.


Advocate for oral hygiene standards in nursing homes.




Ohio policy makers make informed oral health policy decisions.


Ohioans know the relationship between oral health and general health and the importance of oral health care. 



Adequate public funding for oral health in Ohio including Medicaid reimbursement, public and private insurance, and other funding sources


Professionals in a variety of disciplines have access to oral health training and resources.

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